Should They Stay or Should They Go???

    What are some of the strangest things we have seen sellers remove from a home even though they should have stayed? Some of these you will never believe!

    •     Light bulbs
    •     Batteries from smoke detectors
    •     Door knobs
    •     Light switch & outlet covers
    •     Floor coverings
    •     Ceiling fans – Please don’t take these…even if you plan on replacing it with another light fixture!
    •     Kitchen cabinet hardware
    •     Bathroom towel and toilet paper holders
    •     Landscaping 
    •     In-ground basketball goals


    Here are some other items that should remain with the home unless they were negotiated in the Offer to Purchase. If you are wanting to take any of these items with you when you move, you should tell your agent before putting the home on the market. When in doubt, let your agent know that these items are important to you and you would like to take them with you. 

    •     Security systems
    •     Built-in appliances such as cooktops, vent hoods, wall ovens, and microwaves
    •     Satellite dishes and receivers
    •     Gas logs and fireplace inserts
    •     Garage door openers
    •     Fuel tanks (even if being leased)
    •     Invisible fencing
    •     Attached mirrors – all bathroom mirrors
    •     Water systems
    •     Sump pumps and dehumidifiers 
    •     Window blinds, shades, and curtains
    •     Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    •     Mailboxes


    Buyers expect to find the home in the same – if not better – condition as when they made their offer! If any of these items are concerning to you, please speak with your agent about them prior to your home going on the market. 

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