Thinking of Buying Your Forever Home?

    Purchasing a new home is a very exciting process. We know! We’ve been there! Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you through your loan process and ensure that your dream home becomes your forever home.

    Don’t change jobs, become self-employed, or quit your job. The increase or decrease in income can drastically affect your ability to obtain a loan.

    Avoid making large purchases such as a new car or new furniture for your new house. Lenders often check your credit just days before closing. New purchases could disqualify you for your home loan.

    Avoid co-signing a loan for someone else. This new liability could also disqualify you for your home loan.

    Don’t use your credit cards excessively or obtain new ones.

    Avoid letting your current bills fall behind. Missed payments, collections, or judgments can affect your credit score.

    If you have money set aside for the purchase of your new home, don’t spend it! You are going to need that money very soon.

    Avoid making large deposits or withdrawals from your checking or savings accounts. Lenders are going to want to know where your money is going or coming from.

    Postpone switching banks or moving money between accounts.

    Don’t change your marital status or your name.






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