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    These three communities are boarded by the beautiful South Mountains. Bostic is the only incorporated town with a population of 328 people.  Some believe Bostic to be the true birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and a stone marker been has been placed on the north edge of town to honor the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.  Bostic has long been a stop for the CSX railroad to exchange crews. CSX also has a small yard located just east of town.  Bostic has only 2 caution lights and no red lights.  There is a Seaboard Coast Line Caboose placed next to the railroad tracks in the middle of town.  Bostic is also home to the Washburn General Store which serves almost any need for the residents of the area.  It is placed on the National Historical Register and has wonderful jars of jam, straw hats, overalls, rocking chairs and the like.

    There are numerous beautiful residential developments being built in the Golden Valley area that take advantage of the beautiful mountain views and un-disturbed natural surroundings such as Fox Gate, The Ridge at South Mountain, The Summit, Golden Valley Estates, and Yellowtop Mountain to name a few.  This area is named for the gold that was found there many years ago.  Esteemed author & Bostic native, Kay Hooper, still calls this area home, and for good reason.  This is a quiet community with a volunteer fire department and several quaint grocers.  Sunshine Elementary School is located in this part of the county and is ranked one of the highest in test scores. It is also the home of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort Golden Valley.

    If you’re looking for beautiful mountain real estate without the high prices of areas like Asheville or Hendersonville, then the Bostic / Sunshine / Golden Valley area should be on top of your list.  Washburn Real Estate, Inc. is a leader in Bostic / Sunshine / Golden Valley homes for sale, condos for sale, land for sale, vacation homes for sale, second homes for sale and New & Custom-built homes for sale in Bostic / Sunshine / Golden Valley.

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