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    NELON-COLE TERMITE & PEST CONTROL has a variety of Service Plans available to suit your every need – Quarterly, Monthly and Bi-Annually.

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    Residential or Commercial

    • Termite Control
    • Pest Control
    • Crawl-Space Encapsulation
    • Mold Testing & Remediation
    • Odor Control
    • Pre-Treatment & New Construction
    • Moisture Control
    • Weatherproofing
    • NC WDIR Real Estate Reports



    Protecting your home from these unwanted pests is easy with NELON-COLE’s Three Step Plan!

    We have the easiest, yet toughest treatment plans to keep unwanted pests out of your residence or commercial property.  Our highly effective pest control programs are designed to best meet your needs and pest problems. Without being bothersome for our customers and there family members!

    NELON-COLE pest control service includes:

    • Treating the exterior structure including all reachable eaves, windows, pipes and doorways.
    • Treating interior structure as needed.
    • Inspecting and monitoring all accessible harborage areas.
    • Baiting interior and exterior for roaches, ants and rodents.
    • Knocking down all reachable spider webs: inside and out.

    Nelon-Cole will design the best pest control program for your needs.

    At Nelon-Cole we use integrated pest control services to control pests – Inspection, Identification, Enviornmental Alterations and Professional Recommendations  ……..and many other extras with attention to detail from our highly- trained technicians.




    Termites cause over a billion dollars in damage every year. Just because you don’t see termites doesn’t mean they’re not there. Termites work behind the scenes.  They rarely break through the surface of the wood preferring to hollow it out. As a result, you might never see any evidence of them until you discover that serious damage has been done to your home.

    Know Your Enemy:

    Termites are social insects that live in large, underground colonies. In the natural world they perform a service by helping to break down wood and cellulose-based materials. When termites try the same thing in your home, they become pests-attacking and damaging floors, walls, beams, siding and anything else made of wood or cellulose.   As termites forage in search of food they build mud/shelter tubes in which to travel. These are composed of particles of soil, wood or debris. These tubes can vary in thickness from narrow exploratory tubes to passageways as thick as your arm. As the colony matures it will produce a steady stream of swarmers that may set up new colonies. Then your problem grows exponentially.

    Turn to a Professional:

    A thorough inspection is the first step when you suspect termites. As a Termidor Certified Professional, NELON-COLE is experienced in scrutinizing homes for signs of infestation, educated in the ways of termites and knows how to eradicate them.

    Termidor is a new type of termite control that has proven to be 100% effective against termites. It has been tested more than any other termiticide in history. It is safe, has no odor and was developed by Aventis, world leaders in responsible pest control. However, only trained, certified professionals like those at NELON-COLE can apply the product.